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Come experience your life's next exciting chapter. Just steps from the local Metro station, Bainbridge Shady Grove Metro is the perfect place to let your unique story unfold.


About Bainbridge
Shady Grove Metro Apartments

From your childhood home to your first luxury apartment, every space you live in represents a chapter of your life. It’s in these places that you celebrate birthdays and holidays, raise families and ascend in your career. Bainbridge Shady Grove Metro is the residence to do just that. The former location of the celebrated Reed Brothers Dodge—one of the nation’s oldest and most successful family businesses—Bainbridge Shady Grove Metro is a private haven where you can celebrate life’s milestones and dream of your next big adventure. Like Dodge—“cars that were made to be driven”—Bainbridge Shady Grove Metro is a “home that’s made to be lived in.” It’s the perfect location for your great story to unfold.